There are four steps to creating an SMS message.

1.) Compose Message

This is where you create the content of the message

     i. You may be able to select a fixed Message (if fixed messages are saved)

2.) Choose When to Send

Can select to either Send Now (which sends the message once it has been submitted) -or- can select to Schedule a message (to be delivered at a future date/time)

3.) Select Message Recipients 

a. Can select either individual recipients (as many as desired) -or- can select a group to send to. It is also possible to send a text to both individuals and groups

b. You may also send text to an individual number not saved in the address book or group lists manually entering the mobile number in the Quick Recipient text field 

4.) Preview and Send 

 This page provides a screenshot of what the message will look like as well as the message details. User must select Send to send out the message- or- may select Back to modify the send.




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