What do you cover during implementation session?

In order to protect our customers, our support team will set up an implementation/training session to get you acquainted with all the tools, industry rules, and regulations.  


  • Account Access
  • Repurchase Process
  • Web App Navigation
  • Number formatting
  • StopLog Scrub
  • Address Book/Group Management
  • Opt In/Opt Out Rule
  • Premium Message Block and Remedy
  • Message Character Limitations
  • HELP/STOP Response Setup
  • Default/Advance Alert Setup
  • Delivery Reports/Status Deciphering
  • Support Ticketing process
  • Term's & Conditions
  • Enduser Support FAQ
  • Special Account Setting Requirement (e.g., International block, Thresholds, PO requirement, Advanced Password, Unicode Messaging)


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