Uploading Address Book

There are two simple ways to upload your address book via the web portal. 

1.) The first way is to add users one by one using the Add Entry option inside of the Address Book > Modify Address Book.  Here, the user is able to add the name, email address, and mobile number of new contacts.

2.)  When adding multiple users, it is recommended to use 2sms' Uploader Tool.  This can be located inside the Address Book field > Modify Address Book > Add Entry.  You will then select the Excel Uploader Spreadsheet.  To use, simply copy and paste your contacts into the Excel document.  The only mandatory information is the mobile number (but you are able to add a name and email addresses to the contact's contact).  Once you have copied and pasted, you will select 'Upload' and enter your 2sms credentials.  If you wish to add the users to a group, you may (and will be prompted to do so).  The uploader will automatically enter your contacts into your address book, making them immediately accessible.

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