Failed Wrong Number

Status:  FailedWrongNumber


Call barred by operator


Prevents user from receiving messages End-user should call Wireless Operator to determine if barred feature can be removed

Failed Message Delivery

(56146, 56162)

End-users mobile device may be out of range, inbox may be full End-user need to perform a hard-reset, clear out mobile inbox. 

MSISDN is blacklisted


Mobile number is not permitted to receive messages End-user needs to contact their Wireless Operator to determine if blacklisted status can be removed
Number Not A Recognized Destination Number is not recognized by Wireless Carrier Correction of the mobile number required

Ported Number


Number has been ported. Number portability database is not updated Retry after 1-2 business days

Subscriber is temporarily out of credit


End-user does not have sufficient credit to accept message End-user will need to replenish SMS credit or wait until next billing cycle to receive messages

Subscriber profile does not permit service



End-user is not permitted to receive messages to their device End-user needs to contact their Wireless Operator to modify their profile to receive premium messaging

Unexpected error

(56146, 56162)


The end-users mobile device was out of range, messaging mailbox is full End-user needs to empty out mailbox, perform a hard-reset of device and ensure that they are inside their mobile network
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